Suppression of Bluetooth Interference on OFDM in the 2.4 GHz ISM Band

Autoren: S. Vogeler, L. Brötje, K.-D. Kammeyer, R. Rueckriem, S. Fechtel

In the presented paper, two new methods for blind detection and suppression of Bluetooth (BT) interference in case of an OFDM-based transmission system according to the novel WLAN standard IEEE 802.11g are proposed. While the first method searches for abrupt power changes of the received symbols by differentiation in frequency direction, the second approach makes use of the median filtering, which is well known from the digital image processing. After detection, the influence of the BT interference is suppressed by modifying the values of the affected softdecision demodulated bits at the input of the channel decoder. Especially for the PSK-modulated modes of IEEE 802.11g, this leads to a significant improvement of the frame error rate, as we will show in our simulation results.

Dokumenttyp: Konferenzbeitrag
Veröffentlichung: Hamburg, Deutschland, 24. - 25. September 2003
Konferenz: 8th International OFDM-Workshop (InOWo 03)
Index: 214
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