A Novel Resource Allocation Strategy for Distributed MIMO Multi-hop Multi-commodity Communications

Autoren: Y. Lang, C. Bockelmann, D. Wübben, A. Dekorsy, M. Söllner
Kurzfassung: In this paper, we present a near-optimum resource allocation strategy for distributed multiple-input-multiple-output multiple hops multiple commodities OFDMA wireless networks. The novel per-hop-optimization strategy aims to reduce the total transmission power of the network while meeting the individual end-to-end outage probability constraint of each commodity, i.e. for each link of the network. It utilizes the Greedy edge-coloring algorithm to determine reused orthogonal subbands for overlapping hops and allows a distributed implementation per hop. In comparison to other bandwidth allocation strategies like equal or dynamic bandwidth for each commodity, our Per-Hop-Bandwidth-Allocation (PHBA) approach uses the bandwidth in a near-optimum way and reduces the total transmission power significantly.
Dokumenttyp: Konferenzbeitrag
Veröffentlichung: Darmstadt, Deutschland, 26. - 27. Februar 2008
Konferenz: International ITG Workshop on Smart Antennas (WSA 08)
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