Student Theses of Meng Wu

Subject Tutor date of issue Status Student
Adaptive Denoise-and-Forward in Two-Way Relaying Networks Meng Wu - finished Hao Sun
Capacity Analysis for Two-Way Relay Networks Meng Wu - finished Jingwen Zhao
On Analog Network Coding in Bi-directional Relaying Meng Wu - finished Ata-ur-Rehman
Coded Cooperation in Two-Way Relay Networks using Network Coding Meng Wu - finished Tao Huang
Two-Way Relaying Networks with Decode-Forward MIMO-Relays Meng Wu - finished Bin Yao
Inter-Receiver Cooperation in Wireless Communications Meng Wu - finished Yasser Samayoa
Improved Inter-relay Cooperation Scheme in VAA-based Cooperative Networks Meng Wu - finished Tao Huang
Design of Inter-relay Cooperation for Distributed Relaying Systems using Punctured Channel Codes Meng Wu - finished Ata-ur-Rehman
Reliability-based Iterative Packet Combining for Cooperative Receivers Meng Wu - finished Yasser Samayoa
Power Allocation for Relaying Systems using Amplify-and-Forward Meng Wu - finished Jiayuan Liu
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