Student Theses of Fabian Monsees

Subject Tutor date of issue Status Student
Compressed Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio in Time and Space Carsten Bockelmann
Fabian Monsees
- finished Edgar Beck
Compressive Sensing Cognitive Radio Carsten Bockelmann
Fabian Monsees
- finished Edgar Beck
Sphere Decoding for Differential Modulation Fabian Monsees - finished Md.Tariq-Ul-Islam Chowdhury
Entwicklung eines Demonstrators für die Analyse nachrichtentechnischer Systeme auf Basis von Schallwellen Fabian Monsees - finished Sven-Ole Schmidt
Investigations on Multiple Measurement Vector Compressed Sensing Fabian Monsees - finished Amit Biswas
Implementation of a cognitive radio via hardware platform Fabian Monsees
Matthias Woltering
- finished Matthias Hummert
Bilddatenkompression Fabian Monsees - finished Surik Krdoyan, Samih Banjak, Matthias Hummert
Investigation about the performance of Compressed Sensing in Communications Fabian Monsees - finished Yang Yunjin
Overview of the basics of Compressive Sensing Carsten Bockelmann
Fabian Monsees
- finished Yunjin Yang
Entwicklung eines Echolots zur Tiefenmessung in Gewässern Fabian Monsees - finished Florian Lotze, Sarah Kellner
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