Student Theses of Matthias Hummert

Subject Tutor date of issue Status Student
Machine Learning based Joint MIMO Equalization and Decoding Matthias Hummert 05/2022 in progress Alveena Rifat
Neural Network based Decoding Matthias Hummert 11/2021 in progress Gerrit Schoo
Channel Estimation using Generative Adversarial Networks and Machine Learning Matthias Hummert 12/2020 in progress Ariel Theophane Dzoanda Watat
Machine Learning based Link Abstraction on a per Packet Basis Matthias Hummert - finished Emmanuel Aguboshim
MIMO channel estimation using neural networks and machine learning Matthias Hummert - finished Johannes Müller
Image Denosing with Neural Networks and Deep Learning Matthias Hummert - finished Lion Müller
Realizing a communication system with Deep Learning and Hardware Matthias Hummert - finished Konstantin Geißinger
Machine Learning Based Channel Estimation for large MIMO systems Edgar Beck
Matthias Hummert
- finished Emmanuel Aguboshim
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