Student Theses of Dirk Wübben

Subject Tutor date of issue Status Student
Quantized MIMO Systems Dirk Wübben
Tobias Monsees
- finished Jichen Guo
Discrete Processing for Channels with Memory Dirk Wübben
Tobias Monsees
- finished Lukas Henneke
Lattice Codes For Wireless Commnication Dirk Wübben - finished Tian Peng
Off-the-shelf hardware receiver for micro-satellites Dirk Wübben
Christopher Willuweit
- finished Ferdinand Stehle
Non-cooperative localization Dirk Wübben
Christopher Willuweit
- finished Robert Dobrzynski
Improved I/Q-Forwarding in Distributed Systems Dirk Wübben
Tobias Monsees
- finished Michael Krasnitskij
Information Bottleneck Method in Distributed Systems Dirk Wübben
Shayan Hassanpour
- finished Carlos Osorio
Information Bottleneck based Implementation of the Sum-Product Algorithm Dirk Wübben
Shayan Hassanpour
- finished Tobias Monsees
Massive MIMO Transmission Dirk Wübben - finished Yue Xueling
Low Latency Implementation of the LTE Turbo Decoder Dirk Wübben
Henning Paul
- finished Ayham Zeda
Generalized Frequency Division Multiplexing Dirk Wübben
Matthias Woltering
- finished Zhang Ming
Throughput Optimization of Reliability-Based Hybrid-ARQ using Rate-Compatible LDPC Codes Dirk Wübben
Matthias Woltering
- finished Yalei Ji
Modeled based development and implementation of an LTE related Downlink Chain on a Development Platform Dirk Wübben
Carsten Bockelmann
- finished Matthias Woltering
Hybrid-ARQ for Relay Networks Dirk Wübben
Yidong Lang
- finished Yalei Ji
Rateless Codes for Relay Networks Dirk Wübben
Henning Schepker
- finished Yuanrui Zhang
OFDM-IDM Space-Time Coding in Two-Hop Relaying Systems Dirk Wübben
Carsten Bockelmann
- finished Florian Lenkeit
Distributed Source Coding in Compress-and-Forward Relaying Systems Dirk Wübben - finished Andree Lampe
Filter-and-Forward in Two-Way Relay Systems Dirk Wübben - finished Zhiliang Chen
Cooperation in OFDM-based Relaying Systems Dirk Wübben
Yidong Lang
- finished Christian Steffens
Distributed Low-Density-Parity-Check-Codes in Relay-Networks Dirk Wübben
Petra Weitkemper
- finished Wu Meng
Information Theory for Relaying Systems Dirk Wübben
Yidong Lang
- finished Andree Lampe
Investigation of MIMO-Multihop Transmission Systems applying Distributed Space-Time Codes Dirk Wübben
Yidong Lang
- finished Xiong Feifei
Equalization in Wireless Cooperative Relay Networks Dirk Wübben
Petra Weitkemper
- finished Liangliang Zhao
Resource Allocation for BER Restricted Distributed MIMO Multi-hop Networks Dirk Wübben
Yidong Lang
- finished Bin Zhou
Ampifly-and-Forwad and Decode-and-Forward Relaying Protocols Dirk Wübben - finished Christoph Schmidt
Information theoretical investigation of MIMO-Systems assuming real side effects Dirk Wübben
Carsten Bockelmann
- finished Mario Goldenbaum
Resource Allocation for Distributed MIMO in Wireless Networks Dirk Wübben
Carsten Bockelmann
- finished Yidong Lang
Iterative Equalizer of frequency selective Multiple Antenna Systems Dirk Wübben - finished Karl Kreft
Efficient Equalization of Channels with Memory Dirk Wübben - finished Petra Weitkemper
Investigation for MIMO-HSDPA Volker Kühn
Ralf Seeger
Dirk Wübben
- finished Mark Petermann
Application of Space-Time Codes in OFDM systems Dirk Wübben - finished Neele von Deetzen
Sphere Decoding of Multi-Antenna Systems Dirk Wübben - finished Xiaolong Ren
Detection of MIMO-Systems by Using Soft-Output-Information Dirk Wübben - finished Neele von Deetzen
Concatenation of Space-Time Blockcodes with Convolutional-Codes and Turbo-Codes Dirk Wübben - finished Tim Schnakenberg
Turbo-Equalization of frequency selective channels using BCJR equalizer Dirk Wübben - finished Karl Kreft
Analysis of the iterative detection of Turbo-BLAST systems with EXIT Charts Dirk Wübben - finished Tim Schnakenberg
Equalization of multi-antenna systems in the frequency domain Dirk Wübben - finished Mark Petermann
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