Student Theses of Mark Petermann

Subject Tutor date of issue Status Student
Structured Sparse Total Least Squares (S-STLS) Methods for CDMA Uplink Mark Petermann
Henning Schepker
- finished Aymen Fakhfakh
Investigations on Link Adaptation Performance in Case of Low Rank Interference Mark Petermann
Armin Dekorsy
Carsten Bockelmann
- finished Fabian Monsees
Structured Total Least Squares (STLS) Methods for Solving the Calibration Problem in Single-Carrier Systems Mark Petermann - finished Aymen Fakhfakh
Inverse Vector Iteration Method for Solving the Minimum Eigenvalue Problem in OFDM System Calibration Mark Petermann - finished Mohamed El Hamdaoui
Conjugate Gradient Method for Solving the TLS calibration in MU-MISO-OFDM Systems Mark Petermann - finished Lu Tao
Single-Carrier Systems with Frequency-Domain Pre-Equalization and Non-ideal Reciprocity Mark Petermann - finished Heitham Hamze
Channel measurements in the ISM Band for the Analysis of Polarisation Diversity Mark Petermann - finished Ahmad Siklawi
Tomlinson-Harashima Precoding with imperfect channel reciprocity Mark Petermann - finished Bin Yao
Interpolation-based Calibration of adaptive MU-MISO-OFDM Systems Mark Petermann - finished Muhammad Irfan
Transmitter Pre-Correction of Tx and Rx I/Q Imbalance Mark Petermann - finished Marek Niemiec
Linear Pre-Equalization with Non-ideal Channel Reciprocity Mark Petermann - finished Nisha Rose Varghese
Implementation of the 3GPP Hybrid-ARQ Scheme in C/C++ Mark Petermann - finished Feng Hua
Schemes for Hybrid-ARQ in MIMO-Systems Mark Petermann - finished Rodrigo Rico Calderon
Space-Time Decoding With Imperfect Channel Estimation Mark Petermann - finished Daniils Dikanskis
User selection algorithms for Space Division Multiple Access (SDMA) Mark Petermann - finished Rodrigo Rico Calderon
Algorithms for CPICH channel estimation in MIMO-HSDPA Mark Petermann - finished Wang Nan
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