Student Theses

Subject Tutor date of issue Status Student
Efficient Storage Layouts for Nonconvex Optimization Procedures Bho Matthiesen - available -
Intelligent Reflecting Surface assisted Satellite Communication Bho Matthiesen - available -
Exact BER calculation of an H-QAM system based on euclidean distances Niklas Bulk - available -
Signal Alignment for Information Bottleneck based Decoding Tobias Monsees - available -
Neural Network based Decoding Matthias Hummert - available -
Optimal Beamforming for Rate-Splitting Multiple Access Bho Matthiesen - available -
Rate-Splitting as Enabler for 6G Service Heterogeneity Bho Matthiesen - available -
5G NR Physical Downlink Control Channel: Design and Performance Fayad Haddad - available -
Parallelization of Branch-and-Bound Optimization Procedures Bho Matthiesen - available -
Accuracy and Stability of Interference Network Performance Metrics Bho Matthiesen - available -
Reverse Engineering with GNURadio Niklas Bulk - available -
CSI Computation Algorithms and Feedback Overhead Reduction in 5G Fayad Haddad 10/2021 in progress Showry Thumma
Performance Analysis of DM-RS and CSI-RS Design for Channel Estimation in 5G Fayad Haddad 10/2021 in progress Yamani Dalpathadu
5G NR Physical Layer Design for Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communication Fayad Haddad 09/2021 in progress Venkateswarlu Yampati
Cooperative Downlink in Multi-Satellite to Multi-User Scenario Maik Röper 08/2021 in progress Alea Schröder
Hybrid Precoding and Channel Estimation using Butler Matrices Maik Röper 08/2021 in progress Martin Jedon
Space-Time Codes for Satellite Communication Maik Röper 06/2021 in progress Meng Chen
Rate-Splitting for Satellite to Land Mobile Communication Maik Röper 05/2021 in progress Kameel Khoury
Efficient Information Bottleneck based Decoder Design Tobias Monsees 05/2021 in progress Srikanth Malineni
Incremental Federated Learning Bho Matthiesen 04/2021 in progress Pramesh Gautam
Massive MTC for Satellite Orchestrated Federated Learning Bho Matthiesen 03/2021 in progress Sebastian Stade
Beating 8-PSK with Autoencoder Learning Edgar Beck 02/2021 in progress Patrick Betke
Signal compression using time-warping and local bandwidth Christopher Willuweit 02/2021 in progress Johannes Königs
One-bit massive MIMO detection Edgar Beck 01/2021 in progress Alveena Rifat
Channel Estimation using Generative Adversarial Networks and Machine Learning Matthias Hummert 12/2020 in progress Ariel Theophane Dzoanda Watat
A 5G polar code throughput and latency analysis Johannes Demel
Fayad Haddad
11/2020 in progress Odedere Oluwapelumi
Implement a 5G PHY resource grid in GNU Radio Johannes Demel
Fayad Haddad
10/2020 in progress Mark Disterhof
Distributed Eigenvalue Computation Maik Röper 03/2020 in progress Sheena Moin
SNR estimator implementation in GNU Radio Johannes Demel 11/2019 in progress Nicolas Buhr
Machine Learning GFDM Demodulator Johannes Demel
Edgar Beck
02/2019 in progress Sai Thejasvi Kothakota
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