Space Lab

Lecturer: A. Dekorsy, D. Wübben, C. Bockelmann
Tutor: F. Haddad, N. Razmi
Laboratory: Monday 14:00 - 18:00
VAK: 01-29-03-LSPA-V

The Space Lab is a joint activity of three departments worth 3 ECTS for Space Science and Technology (Space-ST) masters. The department of communications engineering is organizing a part of this lab worth 1 ECTS. For further details please check Stud.IP


Mo, 07.12.202014:00-18:00LaboratorySee Stud.IP
Mo, 14.12.202014:00 - 18:00LaboratorySee Stud.IP
Mo, 21.12.202014:00 - 18:00LaboratorySee Stud.IP
Sa, 11.01.202014:00 - 18:00LaboratorySee Stud.IP
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