Master theses (MSc) of Dirk Wübben

Subject Tutor date of issue Status Student
Discrete Processing for Channels with Memory Dirk Wübben
Tobias Monsees
- finished Lukas Henneke
Improved I/Q-Forwarding in Distributed Systems Dirk Wübben
Tobias Monsees
- finished Michael Krasnitskij
Information Bottleneck Method in Distributed Systems Dirk Wübben
Shayan Hassanpour
- finished Carlos Osorio
Information Bottleneck based Implementation of the Sum-Product Algorithm Dirk Wübben
Shayan Hassanpour
- finished Tobias Monsees
Throughput Optimization of Reliability-Based Hybrid-ARQ using Rate-Compatible LDPC Codes Dirk Wübben
Matthias Woltering
- finished Yalei Ji
Rateless Codes for Relay Networks Dirk Wübben
Henning Schepker
- finished Yuanrui Zhang
Filter-and-Forward in Two-Way Relay Systems Dirk Wübben - finished Zhiliang Chen
Distributed Low-Density-Parity-Check-Codes in Relay-Networks Dirk Wübben
Petra Weitkemper
- finished Wu Meng
Investigation of MIMO-Multihop Transmission Systems applying Distributed Space-Time Codes Dirk Wübben
Yidong Lang
- finished Xiong Feifei
Equalization in Wireless Cooperative Relay Networks Dirk Wübben
Petra Weitkemper
- finished Liangliang Zhao
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