Research of Carsten Bockelmann

Current Projects Funding Partners Researcher Duration
Open 6G Hub BMBF WiCoN, DFKI-IN, FOKUS, IAF, SIT, KIT, HPI, IHP, RWTH, TUB, TUDa, ILM, UDE, ITEM (Uni Bremen), ZARM A. Dekorsy, D. Wübben, C. Bockelmann 08/2021 - 07/2025
Mobile Medical Technologies for integrated emergency and trauma response (MOMENTUM) BMBF ICCAS, UKL Leipzig, UKSH, IME, SurgiTAIX , ERNW A. Dekorsy, C. Bockelmann, C. Willuweit, E. Beck, S. Knobbe, F. Haddad, S. Gracla, M. Soliman 09/2019 - 08/2022
TACNET 4.0 BMBF   D. Wübben, C. Bockelmann, T. Monsees, C. Willuweit, S. Hassanpour, J. Demel 04/2017 - 03/2021
Hardware Demonstrators (Ettus Platform, Nutaq Platform, MASI) ANT   C. Bockelmann, D. Wübben, A. Chahbouni, H. Masemann, C. Willuweit, J. Demel since 06/2010
Former Projects Funding Partners Researcher Duration
Kognitive Mediumszugangsalgorithmen für industrielle Funkanwendungen (KoMe) AiF, BMWi ifak, inIT C. Bockelmann, E. Beck 11/2015 - 05/2018
Flexible air interface for scalable service delivery within wireless communication networks of the 5th Generation (FANTASTIC-5G) EU   A. Dekorsy, C. Bockelmann, Y. Ji 07/2015 - 06/2017
Innovative wireless technologies for industrial automation (HiFlecs) BMBF   A. Dekorsy, C. Bockelmann, A.M. Emara, J. Demel 02/2015 - 07/2018
Algorithms and hardware structures for the provision of raw data in invasive neuro systems (INNS) DFG ITEM (Uni Bremen) T. Schnier, C. Bockelmann 05/2014 - 06/2017
METIS EU   F. Lenkeit, C. Bockelmann, D. Wübben, Y. Ji 11/2012 - 04/2015
Non-linear Compressive Sensing Multi-User Detection: Algorithms and Hardware Architectures (NiCOm) DFG ITEM (Uni Bremen) F. Monsees, C. Bockelmann 06/2012 - 05/2015
Compressive Sensing Multi-User Detection for Code-Multiplex Systems (CoSem) DFG   H. Schepker, C. Bockelmann, F. Monsees 11/2011 - 06/2016
Robust adaptive Multi-User Multi-Antenna systems with imperfect Channel State Information DFG   C. Bockelmann 08/2007 - 09/2011
MASI - Multiple Antenna System for ISM-Band Transmission ANT   H. Paul, C. Bockelmann, K.-D. Kammeyer, M. Woltering, M. Petermann 07/2002 - 09/2011

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