U Bremen Excellence Chair: Wireless Space Communication

The NewSpace revolution provides access to space and applications with a fundamental change from traditional large satellites to using small satellites and coordinated networks of multiple such satellites. In the short term, NewSpace technologies will have a particular impact in three principal segments: communication, Earth observation and scientific missions. 

This project, funded through the U Bremen Excellence Chairs program within the Excellence Strategy of Germany’s federal and state governments, brings together our expertise in designing baseband technologies for wireless communication systems and Professor Popovski from Aalborg University with his knowledge on wireless access protocols and communication theory. The key objective is to collaboratively answer fundamental design questions and to develop algorithms for satellite communications that integrate constellations and swarms with terrestrial 5G and beyond communication systems. A special focus is the integration of data-driven approaches into the system design to supplement more traditional statistical methods usually applied in communication engineering. 


Duration: since 01/2019
Funding:Central Research Funding, University of Bremen


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