Speech Quality Assessment for Listening-Room Compensation

Authors: S. Goetze, E. Albertin, J. Rennies, E. Habets, K.-D. Kammeyer

In this contribution objective measures for quality assessment of speech signals are evaluated for listening-room compensation algorithms. Dereverberation of speech signals by means of equalization of the room impulse response and reverberation suppression has been an active research topic within the last years. However, no commonly accepted objective quality measures exist for assessment of the enhancement achieved by those algorithms. This paper discusses several objective quality measures and their applicability for dereverberation of speech signals focusing on algorithms for listening-room compensation.

Sound samples at http://www.ant.uni-bremen.de/~goetze/aes2010/

Document type: Conference Paper
Publication: ISBN 978-0-937803-75-2, Pitea, Sweden, 13. - 15. June 2010
Conference: AES 38th International Conference - Sound Quality Evaluation
Pages: 11-20
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