Weighted Sum Rate Maximization for the MIMO-Downlink Using a Projected Conjugate Gradient Algorithm

Authors: R. Böhnke, K.-D. Kammeyer
Abstract: The maximization of a weighted sum of data rates is
an essential point in cross-layer based resource allocation. Several
algorithms have been proposed in the literature to solve this
problem for the downlink of a multiple antenna system employing
dirty paper precoding at the base station. However, they all
suffer from a relatively slow convergence if the true number
of objective function evaluations is taken into account. In this
paper, an improved conjugate gradient method is presented, that
takes the power constraint into account in the calculation of the
search direction. Its superior convergence properties compared
to existing approaches are verified by Monte-Carlo simulations
for various scenarios.
Document type: Conference Paper
Publication: Jinan, China, 21. - 22. September 2007
Conference: First International Workshop on Cross Layer Design
Index: 292
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