MIMO Measurements of Communication Signals and Application of Blind Source Separation

Authors: J. Rinas, K.-D. Kammeyer

In this paper we present a flexible multiple input multiple output (MIMO) measurement system for communication signals in the 2.4 GHz band. We present some measurements of the digital to digital transmission channel which includes all impairments of the hardware realization.

Using this system we perform a multi-layer transmission of communication signals. At the receiver side we use blind source separation (BSS) techniques as frontend processing to avoid estimation and synchronization problems. In order to improve the estimation of the channel and the symbol detection, we propose an iterative approach, which uses the knowledge of the finite symbol alphabet but does not need additional training data.

Document type: Conference Paper
Publication: Darmstadt, Germany, 14. - 17. December 2003
Conference: IEEE International Symposium on Signal Processing and Information Technology (ISSPIT 2003)
Index: 128
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