On Carrier Frequency Offsets in Alamouti-coded OFDM systems similar to IEEE 802.11a

Authors: L. Brötje, S. Vogeler, K.-D. Kammeyer, R. Rueckriem, S. Fechtel
Abstract: In the presented paper, the influence of Carrier Frequency Offsets (CFO) in OFDM systems with transmit diversity using the Alamouti coding scheme is investigated. The OFDM system parameters are choosen according to the WLAN standard IEEE 802.11a. Different methods for estimating the CFO based on a new, only slightly modificated IEEE 802.11a preamble are shown and the performance of these algorithms is compared to the single antenna case (SISO system). Alamouti coded OFDM systems are significantly more sensitive to carrier frequency offsets as we will show in our simulation results as well as in measurements in the 2.4 GHz ISM band.
Document type: Conference Paper
Publication: Hamburg, Germany, 24. - 25. September 2003
Conference: 8th International OFDM-Workshop (InOWo 03)
Index: 213
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