Application of Source Separation Algorithms for Mobile Communication Environments

Authors: M. Feng, K.-D. Kammeyer
Abstract: In the most source separation algorithms the classical narrow band data model is used, where only memoryless transmission channels are considered. In the mobile communication environment we have to deal with multipath transmission channels due to the reflections of wavefronts. In order to apply existing source separation algorithms for mobile communication signals, certain modifications of the classical narrow band data model have to be done. In this paper a modification of the data model using OFDM-technique is presented. Using the OFDM-technique the assumption of narrow band signals (needed for the most source separation algorithms) is met automatically. A source separation algorithm named SSARS (Source Separation Algorithm with Reference System) will be considered in this paper in cases of transmission through random multipath test channels as well as mobile communication channels. Simulation results will show the efficiency of the new OFDM data model in comparison to the existing MIMO data model.
Document type: Conference Paper
Publication: Aussoise, France, 11. - 15. January 1999
Conference: IEEE International Workshop on Independent Component Analysis and Blind Separation of Signals (ICA 99)
Index: 2
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