Reducing the Peak to Average Power Ratio of Multicarrier Signals by Adaptive Subcarrier Selection

Authors: H. Schmidt, K.-D. Kammeyer
Abstract: A non-constant envelope is a fundamental problem of the multicarrier technique OFDM. In many cases, nonlinear power amplifiers with power saturation lead to high out-of-band radiation. Another characteristic of OFDM is the influence of frequency selective fading of mobile radio channels. To overcome this effect coding schemes are required for low error rates, therefore a certain redundancy has to be introduced. In this paper, there will be presented a combination of an adaptive subcarrier selection as coding scheme with a new algorithm to reduce the out-of-band radiation, exploiting the non-information carrying subcarriers. The efficiency of this technique will be demonstrated by simulation results.
Document type: Conference Paper
Publication: Florence, Italy, 5. - 9. October 1998
Conference: IEEE International Conference on Universal Personal Communications (ICUPC 98)
Pages: 933-937
Volume: 2
Index: 44
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