Power Allocation for Relaying Systems using Amplify-and-Forward

Tutor: Meng Wu
Type of Thesis: Studienarbeit (Dipl.)
date of end: -
Student: Jiayuan Liu
Status: finished

In thie project the total transmit power is allocated to the source and the relays in multiple-relay systems using Amplify-and-Forward (AF) in order to maximize the receive SNR at the destination. The cooperative diversity is exploited at the relays by either selective relaying (SR) or space-time coding (STC) and further enhanced with the help of the power allocation scheme under investigation.

This work is started by a verification of the existing power allocation schemes for AF relaying systems in the literatures and extended to the specific system configuration considered here. Assuming the awareness of instantaneous channel state information (CSI), different scenarios with and without power allocation are compared with respect to the receive SNR and BER performance at the destination under the same total available power.

To successfully carry out this project, the knowledge of digial communications, i.e., 'CT I+II' and 'Advanced Topics in Digital Communications' is required. Familiarity with MATLAB is preferred.

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