Coded Cooperation in Two-Way Relay Networks using Network Coding

Tutor: Meng Wu
Type of Thesis: Studienarbeit (Dipl.)
date of end: 09/2013
Student: Tao Huang
Status: finished

In two-way relay networks, both terminals exchange information with each other via an intermediate relay node. Specifically, the two terminals transmit successively in the multiple-access phase, followed by the broadcast phase of the relay, where, e.g., a network coded version signal involving information of both terminals is sent back to the terminals.

In this work, we consider the scenario that not only the relay but the terminal also hear from its counterpart in the multiple-access phase. In other words, the direct link between the terminals is assumed to be available. Therefore, the relay need not to re-generate the complete codeword to broadcast, however only part of or side information hidden in the original information may be sufficient to support the decoding at the terminals after the broadcast phase. Such kind of partial and code cooperation can be realized based on e.g., punctured channel codes and distributed Turbo codes.

The main task of this work is to extend the coded cooperation strategies to re-generative two-way relay networks. Different schemes are verified by simulations in Matlab and compared with each other. Therefore, the knowledge of "Channel Coding I+II" is necessary to accomplish the work.

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