Throughput Optimization of Reliability-Based Hybrid-ARQ using Rate-Compatible LDPC Codes

Tutor: Dirk W├╝bben, Matthias Woltering
Type of Thesis: Master's thesis (MSc)
date of end: 02/2013
Student: Yalei Ji
Status: finished

The receiver at a transmission scheme uses NACKs to request the retransmission of an erroneous packet. For this, a big amount of packages will be transmitted at very noisy channels. To overcome this problem Hybrid ARQ (HARQ) are used in recent communication systems. This schemes use additional Forward Error Correction (FEC). Thus. the throughput get improved.

In this thesis a reliability-based criteria should be found. With this criteria a receiver should assess if a packet should be retransmitted or not. This should be done with the help of the bit error probability and the word error probability. Furthermore, an evaluation of different coding schemes with respect to Matlab simulations has to be performed.

Additional the basics of HARQ strategies should be analyzed and evaluated. In comparison to the recent used strategy Incremental Redundancy (IR) and Chase Combining (CC) an extended multi-packet strategy should be analyzed. 

In order to process this thesis, the lecture Channel Coding I/II and basic knowledge in Matlab is essential.

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