Reverse Engineering Vehicle Key Fob mit GNURadio

Tutor: Niklas Bulk
Type of Thesis: Vertiefungsprojekt (BSc.)
date of end: 06/2022
Student: David Kuschel
Status: finished


In the future, we at ANT will increasingly rely on so-called Software Defined Radios (SDR). These help us to implement theoretical considerations and new algorithms in a practical environment. For this a deeper understanding of the used software, GNURadio, is necessary. To ease the entry for later bachelor and master theses, I offer different reverse engineering projects.


The goal is to understand a chosen technology in theory and to implement it in GNURadio. In this project Vehicle Key Fobs are investigated in more detail.

There is already a GNURadio Vehicle Key Fob implementation, but it is not complete.

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