Resource Allocation for BER Restricted Distributed MIMO Multi-hop Networks

Tutor: Dirk W├╝bben, Yidong Lang
Type of Thesis: Project (MSc)
date of end: 06/2008
Student: Bin Zhou
Status: finished
ANT-shelfmark: P-06/08-1

Recently it is shown that the application of MIMO capacity enhancement techniques over spatially separated relaying mobile terminals drastically increase end-to-end capacity. This technique is named distributed MIMO. Distributed MIMO allows a tractable approach to exploit MIMO channels. Meanwhile, efficiently transmitting data in such wireless distributed MIMO muli-hop networks requires an integrated routing and resource allocation strategy where network resource like power, bandwidth/time has to be assigned to links in order to optimally route traffic while meeting required Quality-of-Service (QoS) constraints, e.g., end-to-end BER, SER.

While information theory is well understood for MIMO techniques, the application of distributed MIMO in wireless mesh networks is still an open and challenging task. Particularly, end-to-end QoS constraints like BER/SER, and also the power assignment per node are all entangled through the performance of the distributed MIMO scheme. This forces as objective of the thesis to design and develop resource allocation strategies for BER/SER constrained distributed MIMO multi-hop communications. Resource allocation encompassed power, bandwidth/time fraction assignments.

The thesis starts with a literature research with regard to the distributed MIMO multi-hop systems and the corresponding optimization problem of resource allocation. Subsequently, the mathematical description of QoS, i.e., end-to-end BER/SER, should be derived for the system. Then, an optimization problem of resource allocation, which aims to reduce the total power consumption of the system while meeting the required end-to-end BER/SER constraint, should be formulated and implemented in MATLAB. To this end, some basic knowledge about Information theory, MIMO techniques and MATLAB is advantageous.

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