author = {M. Woltering, Li Li, Andre Neubauer, Andreas Czylwik},
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  address={Hamburg, Germany},
  abstract={Layered space time (LST) equalization which employs successive interference cancellation (SIC) and frequency domain equalization (FDE) has been proven to be a promising structure for the receiver of single-carrier (SC) systems with MIMO (Multiple-input Multiple-output) schemes. In this paper, the performance of iterative LST in long term evolution (LTE) uplink system will be presented. The evaluation of the algorithm also considers the algorithm application in practical digital implementation: 1,First, finite word-length of log-likelihood ratio (LLR) for SIC. 2, Second, estimation error of the correlation coefficient between the feedback and ideal symbols. It will demonstrate how much performance degradation will be caused when taking into account the implementation complexity and nonideal conditions of the algorithm. 
  booktitle={15th International OFDM-Workshop (InOWo 10)}