author = {F. Monsees and M. Woltering and C. Bockelmann and A. Dekorsy},
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  abstract={Massive Machine Type Communication is seen as one major driver for the research of new physical layer technologies for future communication systems. Due to handling massive access, the main challenges are avoiding control signaling overhead, low complexity data processing per sensor, supporting of diverse but rather low data rates and a flexible and scalable access. To address all these challenges, we propose a compressed sensing based detection known as Compressed Sensing-based Multi User Detection (CS-MUD) in combination with multicarrier access schemes. We name this novel combination Multicarrier CS-MUD (MCSM). Previous investigations on CS-MUD facilitates massive direct random access by exploiting the signal sparsity caused by sporadically active sensors. The new combined scheme MCSM with its flexibility in accessing time-frequency resources additionally allows for either reducing the number of subcarriers or shortening the multicarrier symbol duration, i.e., we gain a high spectral efficiency. Simulation results are given to show the performance of the proposed scheme.},
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