author = {M. Soliman and Y. Dawoud and S. Sand and E. Staudinger and A. Schuetz and A. Dekorsy},
  year = {2018},
  month = {Apr},
  title = {Influences of Train Wagon Vibrations on the mmWave Wagon-to-Wagon Channel},
  address={London, Great Britain},
  abstract={In this paper we analyze vibrations of train locomotives and coupler areas and their influence on the wireless train wagon-to-wagon channel. We performed a measurement campaign and analyze the vibration data to relate the wagon-to-wagon channel with the train vibrations. We show the effect of Doppler frequency shifts caused by vibrations on Doppler spread and channel coherence time. We show that the coherence time has large values which means that the channel will have a static behavior for short packets used in wagon-to-wagon wireless train control and management systems (TCMS).}