author = {M. R\"{o}per and B. Matthiesen and D. W\"{u}bben and P. Popovski and A. Dekorsy},
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  title = {Robust Precoding via Characteristic Functions for VSAT to Multi-Satellite Uplink Transmission},
  URL = {https://icc2023.ieee-icc.org/},
  abstract={The uplink from a very small aperture terminal (VSAT) towards multiple satellites is considered, in this paper. VSATs can be equipped with multiple antennas, allowing parallel transmission to multiple satellites. A low-complexity precoder based on imperfect positional information of the satellites is presented. The probability distribution of the position uncertainty and the statistics of the channel elements are related by the characteristic function of the position uncertainty. This knowledge is included in the precoder design to maximize the mean signal-to-leakage-and-noise ratio (SLNR) at the satellites. Furthermore, the performance w.r.t. the inter-satellite distance is numerically evaluated. It is shown that the proposed approach achieves the capacity for perfect position knowledge and sufficiently large inter-satellite distances. In case of imperfect position knowledge, the performance degradation of the robust precoder is relatively small.},
  booktitle={IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2023)}