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  abstract={OFDM is commonly known as a lowcomplexity scheme to cope with frequency-selective channels. However, a major obstacle for reliable data-transmission is constituted by rapidly fading channels. This is due to fast fading leading to a loss of orthogonality among neighboring subcarriers giving rise to intercarrier interference. A possible approach to alleviate channel estimation is the use of a linear antenna array at the receiver, which allows for computing virtual non-moving antennas by linearly combining the antenna signals. Timing synchronisation is crucial in this setting. A correct timing basis is required to have the output of the linear combination lead to an effectively time-invariant channel. A novel, robust timing approach is presented which takes into account all antenna signals and which exploits the cyclic prefix’ redundancy without introducing additional training overhead. That same approach is also shown to be applicable with advantage to estimate receiver-side frequency offsets.   },
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