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  abstract={Wireless communication systems such as GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) are playing a growing role for data transmission. In order to ensure a reliable transmission, the channel impulse response has to be estimated accurately. This is a difficult task particularly for fast fading channels caused by high-speed mobile units. In this paper, we deal with the application of non-blind and blind channel estimation approaches to identify the full rate data Traffic CHannel (TCH/F9.6) of GSM. We present a new iterative channel estimation scheme leading to a significant performance improvement especially for high speed propagations with Doppler frequencies up to \$500\Hz\$. Furthermore, it is shown that blind channel estimation schemes could be as efficient as non-blind methods when regarding bit error rates (BERs) after channel decoding in terms of the \$\EbNo\$ ratio. Moreover, a solution for the scalar ambiguity inherent in all blind estimation approaches is suggested.},
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