author = {J. Bitzer and K.U. Simmer and K.-D. Kammeyer},
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  address={London, U.K.},
  abstract={In this paper we are comparing several one-channel and two-channel noise-estimation techniques. We are focussing on their estimation features in a non-stationary noisy environment while a speech signal is present, as this is one of the unsolved problems for spectral subtraction algorithms. All one-channel solutions make use of the different statistics of speech and unwanted noise. The two-channel algorithms use the spatial characteristics of the noise field in order to estimate the power spectral densities (PSD). First we will briefly describe existing algorithms, then we will introduce a new one, which is related to the one proposed by Gierl. Furthermore, we will introduce different error-criteria to compare the algorithm's capabilities to follow the actual noise-spectrum.},
  booktitle={5th International Workshop on Acoustic Echo and NoiseControl (IWAENC 97)}