author = {P. Klenner and K.-D. Kammeyer},
  year = {2008},
  month = {Aug},
  title = {Cyclic Delay Diversity for OFDM with Sectorized Antenna Reception},
  address={Hamburg, Germany},
  abstract={Diversity is a key means to counter the adverse effects of fading. Techniques to provide
transmitter diversity are described by the term space-time coding. Our focus lies on cyclic delay diversity,
which belongs to the class of space-time trellis codes. Cyclic delay diversity intends to increase the frequency diversity
at the receiver, which needs to be  harnessed by an outer error correcting code. Its striking feature is that in principle
a CDD receiver implementation is identical to a standard OFDM receiver. In this paper, cyclic delay diversity is supported
by a receiver equipped with sectorizing antennas. The latter provide Doppler compensation to maintain reliable
data detection even in high mobility environments.
  booktitle={13th International OFDM-Workshop 2008 (InOWo 08)}