author = {K. Zielinski and P. Weitkemper and R. Laur and K.-D. Kammeyer},
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  abstract={In code division multiple access (CDMA) systems a significant
degradation in detection performance due to multiuser interference can
be avoided by the utilization of interference cancellation methods.
Further enhancement can be obtained by optimizing the power allocation
of the users. The resulting constrained single-objective optimization
problem is solved here by means of particle swarm optimization (PSO).
It is shown that the maximum number of users for a CDMA system can be
increased significantly if an optimized power profile is employed.
Furthermore, an extensive study of PSO control parameter settings using
three different neighborhood topologies is performed on the basis of
the power allocation problem, and two constraint-handling techniques
are evaluated. Results from the parameter study are compared with
examinations from the literature. It is shown that the von-Neumann neighborhood topology performs consistently better than gbest and lbest.
However, strong interaction effects and conflicting recommendations for
parameter settings are found that emphasize the need for adaptive
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation}